21 Random Q&A

Inspired by @21QuestionsKE on Twitter, I decided to do a little bit of my own version. All answers are nothing but the truth 😉 😉

  1. What do you hope you grow out of?

Mixing my food e.g I mush Ugali and Veggies

  1. What is the healthiest and unhealthiest thing you do on a regular basis?

Healthy? I drink lots of water

Unhealthy? I am addicted to chapati

  1. When looking for a significant other, what three things are most important (besides looks)?

Spiritual ( religion), Intelligence and cleanliness

  1. How much do you judge a person by their appearance?

Appearance matters very little

  1. What is the most embarrassing thing you own?

Some cloth ( I cannot be specific 😜 😜 )

  1. What is the strangest habit you have?

I sometimes just curl on the couch and suck on my thumb when I run out of options

  1. What movie made you cry the most?

I cry while watching almost every movie. War Room in the recent past ( I prayed a lot too through it )

  1. What was one of the happiest moments of your childhood?

Every escapade with my cousins especially looking for mangoes, fetching firewood and water

  1. What was the worst date that you’ve ever been on?

In 2013. I broke a few things when I hit the table

  1. What’s your favorite vacation memory from when you were a child?

At my maternal grandma’s place

  1. What belief do you have that most people disagree with?

That God will give you what you ask for in a partner, sometimes 100%

  1. What impression do you try to give when you first meet someone?

Easy and talkative

  1. Who or what inspires you to be a better person?

God. I am assured of his love. And my dreams, because I believe in them

  1. What’s the TLDR description of your last relationship?

I fell in love, with every air I did breathe

  1. If you found out your current life has been just a dream, would you choose to wake up? (You don’t know if your real life would be better or worse.)

Nope. I have had quite good lessons

  1. What dumb thing did you believe for a really long time?

That I could have 7 biological children

  1. What are some things you would you like to achieve before you die?

Inspire someone to be better and a two month straight vacation to different places

  1. Where would you like to retire?


  1. What brings you the most joy in life?

When those I care about are happy

  1. What is the best and worst part of your personality?

Best -I care too much

Worst – I rarely give 2nd chances

  1. How would your perfect partner treat you?

With absolute honesty


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