Birthday Mood

I am getting old so fast. Next Week a day like today, God willing, I will officially start the 27th Year journey. That is quite fast and scary. I have no special plans for my birthday. Just throwing a good thanks giving prayer to God.

When I turned 24, I thought that I wanted to go out and grab everything. I wanted to explore, take chances and risks and never stop at anything. At 26, I knew I needed to cut a niche, go for precise and more so define who I wanted to be. Thus for sure will last maybe until 28 or 30.

However, recently I have been thinking of the simple “ what I want in my 30’s” . I tried to summarize as below,

  1. I will get over the fact that I may not be able to have 7 children
  2. I will play tennis again and be a very good swimmer,*cough* !
  3. I will have 10 pairs of heels and colored boots
  4. I will learn to eat NDUMA/ARROW ROOTS
  5. I will stop enjoying cheese and onion flavored Amigos and calling it supper on Friday nights
  6. Be okay and comfortable where I will be, doing what I love with those I love. I hope to be in a place where I no longer go out to take risks but know, plan and tackle only what I know I need. This does not mean that I will not have drawbacks, but just that I will not have regrets
  7. I will stop crying when so happy or sad.
  8. I will be living in my home and not just a house
  9. I will, almost every day, wake up next to someone whose morning breadth I won’t loath. I can’t stand my own morning breadth. This for sure I need grace
  10. Take a road tour for sub-Sahara Africa… hello bucketlistKE , I hope you will help me with this
  11. Maybe, just maybe I will subscribe and commit to gym sessions. I really wish my flat stomach will make a comeback sometime
  12. Last but not least , I will still have a mind of “tell l it as it is at the very moment “

But hey, It’s only the 26th Birthday, no pressure . Maybe I will get myself a pair of heels or some pendant necklace I googled earlier today and can’t take my eyes off it.


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