Better Without Uniform ; Guilty

3:03am, insomnia has crept in . My mind is clogged with thoughts of one person. I fail at trying to flip through my next read. I get stuck and let my mind maybe just savor the moment, just maybe.

I have never thought that I would ever date a cop. A bad cop.Not just one who speaks so loud frightening guys of what he is capable of . Naah, no that cop . His voice has been trained to remain within 5 feet circumference as his hands might have sworn loyalty to the pockets. That cool guy who has everything together but on the streets is one bad ass, bad news.  A cop who would slit open a white , Caucasian or black throat,  pull out a tongue or gorge out eyes and still get slicing the juiciest steak on barbecue a few minutes later as if he just got the most relaxing massage.  This cop who probably is in his late 40s or ripe 50s but is as fine as an ass that has seen better days of squats. Eats healthy, never skips gym and takes his double on rocks like the best freshly blend juice.  This is a cop who never shows any tinge of emotion, not even a twitch of muscle under the label plain sweater that he religiously buys in boring colors.  The cop whose denim just fit right on the timbs. Once in a while, he throws the right cap that I would swear was made for his jaw bones.
You know this cop is one who should not make a young, ambitious and choosy lass like me weak in the knees.¬† He should be that cop that though I am not in the forces,¬†I call him sir.¬† This doesn’t happen to.¬† This bad guy talk about him makes him a magnet.¬† His stern face makes him adorable, like that 2year old who tries to make one know that he is pissed off.¬† He is balding. Just a bit.¬† Whenever he is sprouting¬†some strands,¬†the thinning part stands out like a crown that begs honor and when clean shaven it commands respect.
I love this bad cop.¬† I tend to think his wife ran away when she watched her hubby snapping someone’s neck during an attempted theft.¬† She was fragile and always did dream of getting married to a farmer or teacher.¬† Someone who would be home almost always and is too scared to dig a pen or hoe into someone‚Äôs flesh.¬† The bad cop?¬† Oh no!¬† Always on the move, on birthdays,¬†Christmas,¬†Valentine‚Äôs and almost always conveniently on all anniversaries.
Too much of this cop.  Is there harm in dealing with a bad cop?  At this moment, I would confidently say nothing to lose.  Sometimes it almost feels like a turn on to think that we are out then this drunken guy tried to make a pass.  The bad cop grabs his wrists, breaks them, grabs my hand and we walk out as if nothing happened.  See, doesn’t that earn this guy a lap dance?  Totally!!
So I will just stick here and get glued to Elias Koteas aka Alvin Olinsky because this Chicago PD guy can stick on my screen all he wants!  In future let me just have him to myself in real life. I think I would attend every session he is pulling out intestines, blowing brains, breaking a leg and everything else that makes him makes him human enough to buy roses.

*Grabs more popcorn*

N/B: I am here trying to get in touch with Edith Nassimbwa, a friend I had for a few months in Class five (2000). She left when the dad passed on. She is from Uganda and had two sisters then, her being the 2nd born . Working on my final friendship piece and I do need her to complete this. If you are her or know her , let her reach me on 0732 791 794


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