Frienship Part 4: Luke

Mid 2012, straight out of college, I move in with a cousin I had barely known until I needed someone to live with .I hardly knew anyone around, my cousin included. A few days later and I meet this neighbor, from the opposite flats. He strikes me as an introvert. Honestly I don’t know what triggered our conversation but the next thing I know is that we are talking and bonding.

Another very humble soul I am so blessed to have met. Luke was his name. I think I used to bully (just a little) him at times because generally that is me. Though I liked his firmness when it came to everything he believed in. That friend who would not budge just to make you feel good. He believed (still does) in right and just.

Pic Courtesy of Luke’s Facebook Photo gallery

I have so much to point out for this friendship that to date I treasure so much.

I am an addict of sky watching on clear nights. I somehow managed to drag him into it. Today I won’t say much of the ups and downs. But this is to appreciate you for being a friend when I needed one most. For encouraging me when I thought the world was crumbling down on me. For showing me that’s, “it’s never that serious “with life. He is one of the reasons I always go out and strive create opportunities.

Luke, did you know that you are the ONLY friend I have ever had sky watching escapades pointing out shootings stars and constellations with? Now you know.

As this year ends, I pray that your kind heart will find favor before God and man and you barn shall overflow uncommon harvest!


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