Happy Holidays

I cant believe that we have only 8 days to say bye to 2015! Am so happy and grateful to God for this year . Though I am not in a position to finish my friendship series 😢 😢 ( to be concluded in January 2016 God willing ) due to the crazy schedule and bouts of *bad health* , am glad this year has been a blessing in many ways .

My biggest lesson this year had been on FRIENDSHIP .  Choose your friends wisely in 2016 !I wish you happy holidays !

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Lush . Kivu Resort – Nakuru
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Kivu Resort- Nakuru

Merry Christmas and a blessed prosperous 2016 😗😗😗


Friendship Part 5: @Joanzoya


I met her roughly 11 years 9 months ago . A classmate for four years . We were not friends as what I think high school friendship meant . We were basically classmates for three years . During the final year we somehow started talking more , mainly because of novels and the common subjects we took . Initially she struck me as a very fragile introvert who barely spoke . I used to imagine as little (miniature should be the right word maybe)as I was, she probably was the only other person I thought I would bully .

She was and still is fragile looking ( how looks deceive!) . There is one thing that stood out for her though , being calm/collective . Many guys in my class ; apart from the normal SUPER QUIET gang ( Scholastica and the friends 😉 ) , we were loud, very loud . It was a class full of ladies with strong personalities that then I thought was pride and maybe a show off and a dash of arrogance ( how I now value being in part of K stream and all the energy that came with it) . I used to wish that I could be that collected and I still wish I can because restlessness is kinda my 5th name . Maybe she is one of the friends I can write a book on .  And of course she is a great cook ( You are one of the few guys served me fillet and wished I had a bigger stomach)

Joan Mero ( actually that tittle is her twitter and IG handle ), here are the few things I have learned from you

Pic Courtesy : Kabatini


  1. I can actually shut up – Lol ! yes I am a chatterbox and loud, really loud. Yes you talk but only when asked to . I used to talk a lot and sometimes barely remember what I said ( this is still a lot of work in progress). This I learned by watching you in high school.
  2. To value friendship – For this you win. Of all my friends , I have never seen someone with such a big circle of friends but makes each one feel special . Dear, that is one gigantic heart you have .
  3. Work hard and smart – I am very proud of you . I get encouraged every time I see you grow out of sheer sweat ( though I need to know if you still sometimes cant hold laughter in interview rooms) . What makes me more proud is the hand holding you do even to strangers whether in your industry or not .That hand holding part is another work in progress but glad it gets easier every day
  4. My dreams for a flat stomach are valid . Yes they are . I try , fail , try , fail then I imagine you running and hiking and I wake up and try again
  5. This is not a lesson but a wish . In my next life , I wanna have your taste on music . Here is a confession from your TL stalker who basically tries to learn new chords every day however super very extremely I dont know what else, poor I am .

This , Jo, is to you for being a friend with a very great future . To a friendship without lies . To a no sugar coating friendship with just a little of ogling chaired by her majesty Tina ( please dont skin me until the next Ramadhan or at least we get a spot near the gym so that I can chair) . Here is to a better 2016 na sijui kama hii baby fever imekufikia , inakuja na ubaya . Love you gal and wish you Gods blessings in all  you do and for the great love you have shown us and the sacrifice you have made for all us who call you a daughter,sister, friend, wife ( see ) , colleague etc, I pray that the verse below will be your portion; your cup shall overflow.

Luke 6:38

Give, and it will be given to you. They will pour into your lap a good measure,pressed down, shaken together, and running over. For by your standard of measure it will be measured to you in return.

Frienship Part 4: Luke

Mid 2012, straight out of college, I move in with a cousin I had barely known until I needed someone to live with .I hardly knew anyone around, my cousin included. A few days later and I meet this neighbor, from the opposite flats. He strikes me as an introvert. Honestly I don’t know what triggered our conversation but the next thing I know is that we are talking and bonding.

Another very humble soul I am so blessed to have met. Luke was his name. I think I used to bully (just a little) him at times because generally that is me. Though I liked his firmness when it came to everything he believed in. That friend who would not budge just to make you feel good. He believed (still does) in right and just.

Pic Courtesy of Luke’s Facebook Photo gallery

I have so much to point out for this friendship that to date I treasure so much.

I am an addict of sky watching on clear nights. I somehow managed to drag him into it. Today I won’t say much of the ups and downs. But this is to appreciate you for being a friend when I needed one most. For encouraging me when I thought the world was crumbling down on me. For showing me that’s, “it’s never that serious “with life. He is one of the reasons I always go out and strive create opportunities.

Luke, did you know that you are the ONLY friend I have ever had sky watching escapades pointing out shootings stars and constellations with? Now you know.

As this year ends, I pray that your kind heart will find favor before God and man and you barn shall overflow uncommon harvest!