Friends Part 2:1st Boyfie


This !! I Really dont know where to start from .  I am not sure whether Kevin Toboso was my first boyfriend ? Maybe you need to confirm if we ever had a boyfriend girlfriend thing then . I met Kevin on my first ever outing in high school. I was chosen as a ball girl for my tennis team that was participating in the district championships . My then deputy captain Linet i think was dating someone who regarded Kevin as a friend. So the two tried to pair us up .

Our first meal together , during that day was githeri mixed with avocado and fanta orange (lol! Tobby do you remember this ? ) . He then showed me around and what stood out for me was their music room .

tobosoOh dear Lord! we were tiny . I dint even have signs of growing breasts . I had very short hair but hadn’t adopted specs full time . We had fun and what followed during my college life was a few letters ( i still have them ALL) . He wrote me the first dedication lyrics !

We kept in touch and have been very good friends . Now graduated from Kenyatta University with a degree in Chemical Analysis ( i dont know the exact name ) and working with a  drugs distribution company .

Kevin has been an inspiration both spiritually and socially . He is a go getter and one thing that i wish i had is his humility . Probably I have never ever met such a humble guy in my entire life . I even pray that mys kids will be that humble . At times when i feel like exploding , i remember his calmness and get the push to face whatever is it . He is very hard working too .

Toboso I know you are destined for greatness . You are a victor and God fearing . I know you will leave this world far much better than you found it, many many many years from now .

Here is a toast to yo my first boyfriend !


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