Friendship Part 1:Happy Birthday Bhoke

I met her in 2004, when we were admitted in form one. I came in quite late so found most guys had already bonded. My closest person was Shabuya , the cousin to the then head girl who probably helped me enjoy a community work free first term. Nevertheless, I found her one of the few people I could borrow notes from. We were not so close, at least just enough for me to borrow her books .She was quite generous provided you took care of her books; no torn covers and not so sure about folded pages .

As time went by, I became fond of her. Majorly because of her *tell it as it is * attitude. She spoke her mind and was never afraid to ask where she knew not. Many would call me more of an introvert in high school, but deep down I knew I always wanted to talk, probably another reason I settled on Media industry, to state my mind and stand by my decisions. I saw all these in her. I learned a lot by observing her and some by interacting.

Courtesy of Bhoke’s Facebook Photo Gallery

When I knew we shared *shags*, it was even more thrilling. One thing that made my mom grow very fond of her. To date she still sends her greetings. She says she loved her the first time she saw her back in high school. Being a teacher, I know she might have picked something that I will never understand. Whatever it is, it must have been special.


I admired the way she was very optimistic (she still is) . She wasn’t index one but was always reminding us that she would top our class in KCSE; surely she did. She read a lot, and together with a few other friends (mostly Joan, Caro and Hanifa) , I opened my reading world to biographies and inspiration books . I realized that one had to decide what cut out for them. I tried romance but I quite often failed and still fail .When I tried Ben Carson, I knew that would be something I would keep close.

Fast forward, I am proud of the young woman she has turned into. She still stands out as a woman who speaks her mind. I can’t wait for your bar admission. I will be glad to through your court sessions just to hear you argue your cases. Of the intriguing things I can’t wait, it that man who will make you his wife ( hehehe) .

I pray that God will establish your plans and you will find favor before him and man.

Happy birthday Christine Bhoke


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