Friendship Part3 : Lisa


When we fist met in 2009, she probably was among the people i knew i would hardly make friends with let alone share life with . Quite a tall and then reserved lady . Lydia but I learned to call her Lisa . A six year most intense journey I have had with any of my friends .

Being a fashion lover with a keen eye in modelling landed her as one of the contestants for the Miss Mass pageant, a move that did not augur well with what I thought was good. I grew up believing that to be a model, one had be be of loose morals and dress almost naked. This, I thought, was the last discouragement I needed for my efforts of trying to have a friendship (so was with the winner ,Beth, I thought).

In 2010, we started being close, from the classwork perspective . Especially after the first attachment . Late 2011, we somehow started to bond and shared quite a lot . A apart from Alice ( fellow choir member lol)  , Janet (hehehe! )  and Cate ( olalala! Miss you dear ) , the only other person i freely opened to was Lisa .

Pic courtesy of style Leniency

Luckily we landed the same job in 2012 and finally moved in together in 2013 May . We have laughed, cried , encouraged , discouraged ( No denim dear , riswaaa! ) and most of all grew together . No, were and still are not experiencing an ideal friendship but one thing we learned was to be there for each other, through thick and thin.

She taught me color ( clothes and nail polish ) , color blocking and heels . She taught me how to shop . She is one beautiful girl but has never let her beauty derail her from what she wants . She is one strong woman but human ( I got super scared the first day i saw her cry , I almost recommended a doc ) . I like her appetite but wonder why she doesn’t add calories as fast as i do (sob sob) .

Her laughter with my late bro was something I will never forget . How on earth they loved some weird music , sijui . And they would chat for hours on end . Lisa and my sister can go on “raundi mwenda” ; I dont think I have ever had a proper one with Siz . Those are the little joys ( but very big to me) that had made me appreciate her even more.

This here is to you girl, to the first rent we paid,to the days when we had to beg the Landlord to give us more days , to the days when we celebrated after beating the rent deadline . This is a toast to your mum for standing with my family ( one that she hardly knew ) when we needed her most . This is a toast to the days when we had only had each other for support . This is a celebration to the milestones we have made . This is a toast to the growth and the many dreams ahead , its an acknowledgement for our imperfections but choosing to see beyond them . This is to for sticking by me at my worst ( am quite a piece of work !!!) .

This is a piece that embraces the days we barely had enough to plan for the next meal and those days we had quite enough to afford an extra one and many more I cannot capture . I may never tell you how much I love you ( you know I suck big time at it) but I do .

I love you Lisa .




Friends Part 2:1st Boyfie


This !! I Really dont know where to start from .  I am not sure whether Kevin Toboso was my first boyfriend ? Maybe you need to confirm if we ever had a boyfriend girlfriend thing then . I met Kevin on my first ever outing in high school. I was chosen as a ball girl for my tennis team that was participating in the district championships . My then deputy captain Linet i think was dating someone who regarded Kevin as a friend. So the two tried to pair us up .

Our first meal together , during that day was githeri mixed with avocado and fanta orange (lol! Tobby do you remember this ? ) . He then showed me around and what stood out for me was their music room .

tobosoOh dear Lord! we were tiny . I dint even have signs of growing breasts . I had very short hair but hadn’t adopted specs full time . We had fun and what followed during my college life was a few letters ( i still have them ALL) . He wrote me the first dedication lyrics !

We kept in touch and have been very good friends . Now graduated from Kenyatta University with a degree in Chemical Analysis ( i dont know the exact name ) and working with a  drugs distribution company .

Kevin has been an inspiration both spiritually and socially . He is a go getter and one thing that i wish i had is his humility . Probably I have never ever met such a humble guy in my entire life . I even pray that mys kids will be that humble . At times when i feel like exploding , i remember his calmness and get the push to face whatever is it . He is very hard working too .

Toboso I know you are destined for greatness . You are a victor and God fearing . I know you will leave this world far much better than you found it, many many many years from now .

Here is a toast to yo my first boyfriend !

Friendship Part 1:Happy Birthday Bhoke

I met her in 2004, when we were admitted in form one. I came in quite late so found most guys had already bonded. My closest person was Shabuya , the cousin to the then head girl who probably helped me enjoy a community work free first term. Nevertheless, I found her one of the few people I could borrow notes from. We were not so close, at least just enough for me to borrow her books .She was quite generous provided you took care of her books; no torn covers and not so sure about folded pages .

As time went by, I became fond of her. Majorly because of her *tell it as it is * attitude. She spoke her mind and was never afraid to ask where she knew not. Many would call me more of an introvert in high school, but deep down I knew I always wanted to talk, probably another reason I settled on Media industry, to state my mind and stand by my decisions. I saw all these in her. I learned a lot by observing her and some by interacting.

Courtesy of Bhoke’s Facebook Photo Gallery

When I knew we shared *shags*, it was even more thrilling. One thing that made my mom grow very fond of her. To date she still sends her greetings. She says she loved her the first time she saw her back in high school. Being a teacher, I know she might have picked something that I will never understand. Whatever it is, it must have been special.


I admired the way she was very optimistic (she still is) . She wasn’t index one but was always reminding us that she would top our class in KCSE; surely she did. She read a lot, and together with a few other friends (mostly Joan, Caro and Hanifa) , I opened my reading world to biographies and inspiration books . I realized that one had to decide what cut out for them. I tried romance but I quite often failed and still fail .When I tried Ben Carson, I knew that would be something I would keep close.

Fast forward, I am proud of the young woman she has turned into. She still stands out as a woman who speaks her mind. I can’t wait for your bar admission. I will be glad to through your court sessions just to hear you argue your cases. Of the intriguing things I can’t wait, it that man who will make you his wife ( hehehe) .

I pray that God will establish your plans and you will find favor before him and man.

Happy birthday Christine Bhoke