TBT: Snippet Of My Growth

In a Friends Room, 2nd  year .Here , I was all about going big in media industry

Yester evening , I was working on a sports article for a friend . As we talked on his angle of the story , we somehow veered off topic and talked of how I am not practicing full-time journalism. We tried to see why but never really got WHY ? .One thing however that came up was that i love what I do and from day !, even when i felt shortchanged, i gave my 100% .

Later on when I was done, I decided to compile this easy post ;a reflection on my life . Am gearing towards making major decisions and changes in my life and went deep into archives to see how much I have grown .

Shout out to you all my readers for support . Special mention to two readers from Netherlands and South Korea. Whoever you are , Thank you.

P/s:Dear pancakes and muffins , I need my flattest stomach back.

2012. Final Project shoot in Rift Valley
3rd house after moving out . First ever weave . First day for lippie too courtesy of my housemate
First Lady Marathon . So much fun with my colleagues . Was definitely going down at Nyayo stadium. That is a thigh gap right there 😉

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