Sisters Before Misters Violated

More often than not, especially in a girls’ world, we do have a BFF . Someone you do trust with almost every little secrete you have. As we call them, BFF, ride or die bestie, boo ,and all sweet names that resonate with that one person who you absolutely trust . Then comes the inner but not core circle of girls . Those who know you quite well,; at least 50% . These mostly are girlfriends you come across in the line of social life, maybe at work or in a class. At times you meet them in church too. Some of these women give you the comfort that before you know it , you start trusting them with some of your private stuff .

The saddest part: some are broadcasters. Below is a letter to a dear broadcaster, BC.

Dear BC,

I hope this finds you happy and well. I am writing this from my desk, having spent quite a lot of time thinking on how to reach you, for at least a few weeks now. I know we are in same WhatsApp groups, constantly chat on Facebook and finish the day with coffee dates or endless phone calls. I am grateful that I met you and we had already graduated to calling each other siz . The Siz title came in when I trusted you enough with some of details in a world preserved for me, myself and I. Thank you for the much you shared about you , as you started each phrase with , “please promise me that this is between us “ ,,,

You see BC , mostly my conscience has taught me to honor what was to be between us . I thought the same went for you until a few weeks ago. The very evening I will never forget. As you were aware, things have been looking up between me and Mr.X, that guy I have had offended during internship and have been seeking for compassion for the longest time. So finally we did meet .Not really a truce date but somehow, we landed a similar client and had to strategize. The business tuned a lil personal and thanks to his big mouth, I learnt quite a lot. Apparently you have been pouring the little we shared to your yappy pal who told a friend to Mr.X who in turn poured it out during a boys out meeting. So apparently Mr.X had developed a soft spot for me because of the *tough* woman I am. He somehow also applauded how I managed to handle PERSONAL situations head on. I sat there, inwardly shaken but kept a straight face. Never gave explanations but never denied anything, I just did the noble thing, accept.

You know what BC, when did we trash Sisters before misters, Chicks before dicks, Bitches before snitches, Holes before poles? Nothing breaks a heart like a sister against a sister.

Please know that your secretes are still safe with me. I hope an anti-snitching pill will be discovered soon because definitely , you need a prescription of the same

Yours faithfully,



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