Lessons from My bro

Fools day ? Who is fooling who ? I almost fell for one this morning, thanks to Dave . A very cheeky friend of mine am really contemplating putting on OLX for sale . April is here . This year seems to be on a sprint . I anticipate a tight schedule so less writing . But am working on lots of things and mini posts will come as frequent as possible . This post is dedicated to my bro. It will be one year (3/4/2015) since he passed on . Since last week , i have largely spent my day dreaming hours reminiscing the good times we had . A good thing that memories brought me happiness though i would have loved much more recent memories . below is something I drafted while in the moment


3rd April will mark exactly one year since my little brother, Desmond Mulindi breathed his last . Quite an energetic chap, 2nd year at Egerton university who has a passion for children and farming .He told us that he was into deejaying too, though I had never witnessed this. He was a sly young man, who never took things so seriously. He loved fast life, fine things and his women. Yea, my bro had a thing for women. Unlike my siz and I who could go for more than a day without speaking to mum after an argument , my bro would make my mum laugh just a few minutes after a heated disagreement . It’s funny how back in the village, quite a number of young women and girls confided in him . As we approach the first anniversary, I had myself thinking of somethings/habits from him that I wish I had

  1. A big heart. My bro loved many. He always had an extra space to accommodate
  2. Live today as if it was the last .My bro lived each day wholly.
  3. Forgive .Dessy is one person in our family who did not know how to keep a grudge .
  4. At 19 years, my bro treated my sister and me not just as siblings but as elder siblings. You could send him on silly errands and he would still go
  5. Cook and relish the meal. He had one big appetite that always made cooking fun. I know he was of the few men who would cook pancakes, chapatti and sauté veggies



I still miss his smell in my t-shirts and shorts (we faithfully shared) .Laughing over silly texts from his girlfriends. I miss his trademark footsteps when he returned home in the evening.

I miss his hugs .I guess only the two of us were born huggers in the family.

I miss him begging me to cook chapatis as he helped and kept me company. I miss us taking leftover food for breakfast coz tea was too mainstream. I miss us doing the menial jobs, from fixing beds, to dirty shamba work to doing mega laundry. I miss us hating on books and making fun of my siz being a bookworm. I miss us confusing everyone on phone, even Mum (until he broke his voice) . I miss waking him up in the morning especially on Sundays .I miss us sharing caps and hoods. I miss him being proud of me and protecting me when it should be the other way round.

I miss him telling me it was okay when things hit rock bottom. I miss our trademark laughter which our neighbors used, to tell when we were around.

I miss you bro. I miss you so much that it hurts. Though I know you are in a better place, I still imagine that you would be clearing uni next year. How your life would have been. What kind of a man you would have been. I look around and wish you were here. I wish I told you more times how much I loved you, more times than you told me.

This Easter, I pray that I will find peace to accept that you are no more. To know that you are at peace too whenever you are.

1 year on; I thank God for the 19 yrs 11 months we shared (May 1994-April 2014)