So Far 2015,,,

Roller coaster beginning of the year . Very mixed ideas, fortunes, feelings, opportunities . I am writing this from my office desk . Been feeling quite emotional . Its okay when I feel overwhelmed but have no option to retract back to my cocoon . There is someone out here who needs me and MUST just wake up and work my ass off . Someone who gives me hope of a better tomorrow, bring me joy ,encourages me ,motivates me. Even though there are drawbacks, its that one person I cherish a lot .


March ; 20 things so far about 2015

  1. Grateful that I have seen the 3rd month of this year. To God be the glory
  2. How the hell is Feb supposed to be the shortest and financially easy month ? 3 rd year in a row , its been the most strenuous month financially
  3. Shoe obsession –Its not going away soon
  4. First lady half marathon. So far , I am certain of participating and the thrill is just beyond zero when it comes to explanations. I don’t have the words to
  5. Yvonne chakachaka is coming to Koroga festival. I reeeeaaaaallllyyyy want to attend though my entertainment budget for this month is exhausted, thanks to Chelsea Capital one cup win
  6. 11th month since my brother’s demise. More than ever , I have so many questions but I pray that God gives me the strength to move on
  7. My biggest New Year resolution has a two month deadline now. I don’t know how but I know I will achieve
  8. Funniest, ambiguous romantic relationship I have ever had in my life happened this year. *sips coffee *. This dating thing, please share notes. I am below C level!
  9. Glad valentine was on a weekend. May all women who treated their partners raise their hands?
  10. Loving my new hair volume thanks to weave. Yes I don’t like weaves but if that’s a secret to a fuller head, why not?
  11. I have started taking a lot of coffee in the recent past. It’s a worrying habit I don’t want to pick since am already addicted to lemon tea
  12. Pissed at my neighbors who lasted less than a week. Really pissed off at them using vulnerability to manipulate. Lies hurt
  13. Achievement- working out,progress in good eating (dropping beef ) and lil job stuff . So far , there has not been soda and beef in 2015.
  14. Fail- I have not written as often as I thought I would
  15. Clothing- I wish I could have these short shorts. Denim or khaki in either navy blue, black or white. Anyone who wants to surprise me ?
  16. Wish – My future husband would have at least half of David Bekhams fashion sense
  17. Crush – I think My obsession with overly bulky men has toned down this year. I have no particular one yet
  18. Loving my skin. Water should have played a part but am sure change of body oil did something too . My face improving so much that am hardly getting uncomfy with dark spots
  19. Culinary- Working on a new recipe . I cant wait to share .chicken veggie affair
  20. Check out laGiacca suits . Met this young man and he is a very easy chap with big dreams that he spends more time on his feet chasing them than dreaming .

Enjoy the month!


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