Happy New Year New Habit

Belated happy new year !
I am so excited about this year. The New Year sermons have been superb. At my church, our theme this year is GREAT HARVEST from Mathew 9:37. The main thing being learning and working as laborers. He who does not work should not eat so why not work???
Notably, I have grown a shopping fetish. I probably have shopped more in the last 11 days than I did the whole of the last quarter of 2014. Reason yet to be established. Just a few pointers I have noticed in my shopping habits
1. Ngombe milking jelly was the best discovery in Dec 2014. My arms used to peel a lot, even when covered. I could not establish the cause. I used to take the right amount of water and used Vaseline religiously. But since I tried ngombe, I have rocked sleeveless tops two consecutive weekends and my arms are super alright!!! So you can guess that I have more than two bottles!
2. Heels – finally got some 4 inch!!!
3. Blue- All the fabric related items I bought this year are navy blue or at least have some blue. Totally love the color.
4. Length – Its either short ( above the knee) or long( past the ankles)
5. Thrift – There is a certain thrill that comes with thrifting . Best buy , a stretcher wrap black dress I got at 200
6. Accessories – I have started to love small pieces … still a sucker of silver. Cream beads are also good neutrals
7. Must buy – New lipstick color. Hoping to try Nouba Millebaci 7. Lipstick stuck on a wine glass is disgusting and rubbing it off then reapply is H.E.C.T.I.C!!!

I am not a fashion blogger, I totally hate clothes ( I would prefer us naked like it used to be before Adam & Eve sinned ), So this thrill about shopping, is inexplicable!
Psst : I am so loving the epl 2015 even after losing embarrassingly to Tottenham for the opening game ! And it better end with the EPL title for Chelsea.


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