Rugby Player Infatuation; Football is Real Deal

Over a long period of time, I have tried to understand women and rugby. Why would women be said to be very crazy about rugby players, 7s, and yet most did not even make it to Masaku 7s venue? If the men are the bait, why then fail to turn up and see the physiques. When it came to Safaricom 7s, many were present just to party. Is it just a myth about how women love the muscle? I tend to think so. I may think Thiery Henry would have most women endure more than 6 hours of scorching sun just to get a glimpse of him if he were to visit Kenya. Same would happen to David Bekham , Cristiano Ronaldo or Aaron Ramsey .
In trying to understand this, I dug in some facts about women sexuality. Unlike men who by seeing 5 minutes of arousing action can have a lasting impact, women are quite different. 90 minutes of action enables a woman spot subject of interest, analyze and even google. Unlike 7s rugby whose intense 14 minute action leaves women high and dry. Yes there is more muscle, more testosterone, tension, sweat, abs, cubes, sleek roughness but NO time to drink in all that in one go. This might well resonate with Kevin-Prince Boateng . His *small* accident that showed his endowment was on the lips of many for more than one week. The female version of Team Mafisi could hide their desire as they publicly awed at the massive package Boateng has been blessed with. Maybe why so? Simple. The more time he had on the pitch, the more time it took women to appreciate his blessings. And to many they finally realized that the Ghanaian had made good use of the gym.
HakaHaka has over time sent many of the women of the edge (the reason I wish they perform at my wedding). That’s some Gods finest pieces of art. The all blacks fans don’t see that when the tries are scored, just the same way I never see Biko Ademas’ beauty when its try time .Rugby does not give a player chance to take off the shirt in merriment. Maybe a little hasty jig is abundant. Football on the other hand, shirt is removed, emotional hugs given, tears shed; just emotions let loose. Bait for most women. Tears of joy or pain can be a good pick up line for women. Nothing draws a woman quickly to you than the knowledge that you need her help, but of course not financially. The fact that she can rub your hand in your XJ model of Jaguar and you feel better is a turn on. Football gives just that. It no wonders that WAGS (more so locally) are people who have been in the spotlight. They have time to plot on the best prey, or are available for the hunter to prey on. Do you even know what Injera’s wife does? Yes , one and only Injera, the Kenyan all-time top try scorerer for the IRB series .
Watching Hit the floor before our (Chelsea) weekend clash with Manchester united opened my eyes to a lot of possibilities. I have never taken time to look at football players but this time I did. Unlike the ballers in the series , footballers have a little less muscle , with few Hulk and Puyol like exceptions , but the 90 minutes gives a chance to recognize a hint of dimple on Hazard , or the babyish Thibout face or the cheeky De Gea grin . Let’s face it , women have illusion of the 8 pack, chiseled abs and firm thigh muscles but more often than not we never end up with our dream male bodies .


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