My #MCM & #WCW Chronicles

 I think since I learnt about all this #MCM (Man Crush Monday) and #WCW (woman Crush Wednesday) craze on Instagram , I have tried to evaluate the men and women I have *real* crush on . Maybe I would say the men and women I have had *crush* on for the longest time. (I have to highlight the word CRUSH because I won’t have time to explain my sexuality. All the people on my list at least have been on my crush list for over five years. If any of them (on the list) comes across this, just know that these are my views and they are honest views of you by me. It’s one of the few pieces that I wrote with this sheepish grin plastered all over my face.

  1. Larry Madowo

Yea! That one very stubborn chap who hosts the trend and makes trips to Europe countries like the way some ladies do to Gikomba.Joan and Bhoke should be like , “We knew that, right ?” Larry is some interesting being. I was an avid fan of his *street journalism* on PM live. I love any man who appreciates numbers, especially monetary affiliated. Though he aint an accountant (I am not sure though), someone who understands the NSE and can speak 70+ words on it in a minute is some piece.I am not a gadget person but nothing makes me bulge like a man who owns an IPhone 6 and knows a little too much about the operating system though he is not a sales person or a worker with the manufacturing company.Innovative – who doesn’t know that a times we get glued to the trend just to see, “ni nini mpya Larry atafanya leo ?”

Plus this boy/man/being, whatever suits him, loves God (from my pastor, a man should love God more that he loves you? ) He also loves to stand out, my dad did so, so do I, its just that inexplicable

  1. Chris Adwar

This might be quite abnormal since am not a musicaholic (is there such a disease?). Yes I have been quite a fan of Adwar. There is something about how he handles the keys, of the keyboard or keytar (thanks to Ken for the word). Plus he has these pretty hands, I know what pretty hands are, and rarely smiles. It’s a G clef, Tremolo or maybe pedal signs mystery that may keep someone like me glued just to see him smile , even just once( at least coke studio Africa season 1 gave me that smile ) . He works hard to be good at what he does. Especially being in the Art industry, that’s a plus, plus, plus for me. And I still remember how tongue tied I was when I shook his hand for the first and only time at tree house , credit goes to Joan for making me attend his bands gig.

  1. Redsan (Swabri Mohammed)

Wanipa raha!  huh? Still my fave song of all his hits. I am still looking for a man who adorns a durag (Do-rag) in more than ten years and still looks as hot as ever. He has obviously gone to the gym in the recent past. Need I say more? He has small eyes, please don’t judge, or maybe he makes then small when performing. He was one of the first Kenyan males I saw with some good sneakers that transformed into current air force model. Plus he smells so goooooooood, at least extra ordinarily good before the metrosexual men generation took over the streets

  1. Carles puyol

This is as simple as, I WANNA SEE HIM ANGRY!!! Grrrrrrr!!. I don’t know why every time I see Carles Puyol, just on the screen, I always go back to X-Men reveries. I have seen him loose temper a few times on the pitch and I trust my instinct enough not to behave weirdly when all the beastly him is out. The hair just makes the whole picture of a perfect trophy boyfriend

  1. Nick Wechsler

These men who squint their eyes when angry or turn away to avoid eye contact when hurt!! Ahem! The woman in me tells me he is a good kisser. And just like puyol, I like him with a little bit longer than usual hair (NO DREADLOCKS). He has what looks like a very smooth body (coz it’s limited to my screen, I have no proof)


Of my women,,,,,,,,

  1. Caroline Mutoko

Yes, she tops my list locally. I have always wanted her kind of deep voice and was even reprimanded by my mama trying to speak that deep when in primary school. She is a go getter, speaks her mind, and tackles what matters head on. Might be the reason I always scout for forums she will be speaking at. Her voice reminds me of so much in my own life. Plus her eye lashes, they are fascinating I think so

I am still thinking of the oil and mining course she undertook, really? I think she is crazily result oriented, and that makes her my number one #WCW

  1. Cynthia Nyamai

She is good with numbers. A woman dissecting the NSE and talking sober about money, figures, economy trends, is a whole package for me in my small world. She works hard and smart. She wakes up before the world does to pray. She does not give a darn what the world says but cares all about the purpose of God for her, the business deals she will be sealing and those that add value to her life . Plus this Ma got some serious good skin

  1. Serena Williams

Dominating the courts since 1999 1st grand slam at the US open and still strong !!!Toned body (my 2015 new year resolution )Down to earth. Rich! Every girl want some serious genuine mulla . She gives back to the society. I like this woman, though just no sure about dating your friends ex

  1. Kaone Kario

I still this she stands for the epitome of real African beauty . If I were to have the Vera 50 milli to change me, I would want Kaone’s body (plus that skin color)


  1. Yelena Isinbayeva

Female Paul vault World record holder. Dominating the heights since 1998! I think she has one of the most toned, proportional bodies on the tracks. Hazel eyes and I picked up the habit of self-motivation by speaking loudly to myself from her. It works

I am glad I have met all my Kenyan crush





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