Anniversary Confessions

As promised, I am delivering. Here is 100% truth of my little journey after college. The truths that have not brought me down but motivated me to work harder. Truths that am proud of.

Today is like 31st December at my work place. I am fully 2 years old at my current workplace. Two years ago (24/9/2012), I official started my internship, had not yet graduated though. I was very hopeful. Two months out of school and here I was, working with one of the biggest organization in Kenya. I dint take it as an internship, but dove into doing my best. Two years later, I look back and am so proud of myself. The baby ideas I have seen grow into projects, social media to be precise. I never knew one could earn form chatting with guys on Facebook, twitter and linked in. I now understand blogging a little better. I see Instagram as a marketing platform, way before IG admins thought of incorporating the feature into it (yes, soon you will have those disgusting pop ups). I have grown professionally, mentally, financially and even physically. I thank God for this opportunity that he has given me.

I am a VERY emotional being. Through this journey, am still trying to learn how to handle my tears, temper and feelings. I am still learning how to trust people. Maybe I could not have the total stock taking per se but I know I still have a lot to do.

When I started working, I had just moved out. Straight from college, with the little luggage I had. A little clothes, two pairs of official shoes. I have never really had a luxurious life (I have been given Ksh. 150 as pocket money in high school, that’s like two dollars) and I thank God for taking me to KIMC where we had three square balanced meals. Even without a cent, I still had a roof over my head and I would not sleep on an empty stomach. Thank God I had an aunt, I call Mum, who once in while I would visit and she or my uncle would give me some money, enough to replenish my wardrobe in Ngara . Once in a while when things were good, my mum would take me for shopping when I was on holiday. And trust me two pairs of brand new outfits at garissa lodge in Kisumu was halleluyia ! My savings would always ensure that my hair remained on point. I have a weakness on going to the salon more than I should go or afford.

Before the job, I moved in with my cousin. We shared rent for a two bedroom ( Ksh. 8000 in total ). Since I had no bed, I still had to sleep. I got some cheap mattress that lay on some newspapers on the floor to prevent the mattress from absorbing moisture. For almost six months, that was my cosy bed. Outside, every day I left for job, you would never imagine what it was like. I rem in January 2013, I spent to the last penny that at one point I had to rely on one meal. I was tough. My mum would call me and almost tear (maybe she cried secretly) but had no option. It’s a life I had decided to take, so I lived it. I had started to make friends. Luke and David . They held me through this. David was funny. He would take me for smokie dates after church; go for log walks and just talk. He made me feel at home in church and gave me crazy drives in their family pick up. He always made me feel special. He still does. He is one pal I thank God for. Luke would take me for yoghurt dates at Taj mall. He would narrate to me how life has not been all rosy to him too . Though I never told him, he is one friend who literally lifted me up. Watching the stars from the balcony to calling each other when the world was going downhill for any of us. It was not easy, but we managed. We also watched football together. I even made a new friend through him, his brother mark. I loved how hard they worked.

The day I bought a bed!!! hehehe!Omera! you don’t want to imagine. You can never imagine the satisfaction and pride. I called my mum, siz, and bro to break the news. I was so proud. I sat on my bed and felt that finally the Lord had redeemed me. I remember how good it felt. It’s one moment in my life I will never, ever forget. I went out, bought some pasta and chicken ( my favorite meal) . I could not help smiling.

Through this job, I have put smile on peoples face. Through this job I have been able to thank God. Through this job, I have had the opportunities to meet people I never thought I would ever meet, been to places I had never been, did things I thought were reserved for special kind of people. I thank God for giving me the opportunities to serve Kenyans and I pray that he will give me more years to realize my dreams. I pray that God will expound my territories and allow me to fulfill my late brothers dream of flying my mum out of Kenya.

It is not all rosy, I have had challenges, but today I choose to celebrate the blessings of God in my life.

N/B: This day also marks a year after a friend of mine passed on, Ruth Ogara. I knew her through her sister and my *better half* Lydia. Ruth was a woman who very sincere. We miss you Ruthie, your siz has never stopped loving you. I see the pain in her eyes and wish that one day she will be happy, just as you were. I still look at my Ankara dresses and handbags and wish I had more from you, but you are no more. I pray that you are happy wherever you are. Your Mum, dad, Bro and sisters miss you. My late bro also used to say how beautiful you were. I hope in the other world you two are buddies. It’s sad that you are gone, and am writing this while crying but I know you are in a better place. Leedee has been one person that has always been my wing man. We have gone through a lot but when go back to our little home; we still find time to laugh about it. Your family has turned out to be close pals to mine. And I really thank God that I knew you and your family. We will never forget you but since its anniversary post, I choose to celebrate your generosity, warm heart, hard work and loyalty to those you loved. I year on, I celebrate you Ruthie


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