The title explains itself ! I am so over myself for turning 24 yesterday . I thank God for everyday I live . Its been one of the years i have had to endure so much pain but through it all , God has been faithful . Its the first birthday in many recent years where my Mama was the first person to wish me a happy birthday . It was very special . And notably , it was the first birthday in recent years my first love did not call me at 12.00 am to wish me a happy birthday (signs he has moved on i guess ) . All that aside ,I am happy that I am a year older , wiser , more sensible ans still enjoying my cheekiness .

One of the best things I celebrate this year is learning the art of letting go and being contended with the little I have . I am becoming bad at keeping grudges everyday , a good thing huh ? i love the way it sounds . Letting go ? Not so sure but its better than last year, at least am sure . I am living a day at a time . Its kinda am growing a bigger heart to accommodate (or love) more people .
There are so many things i have not accomplished as I had anticipated but i choose not to wallow in regrets but hold my head high and live in the hope of a better tomorrow .
Things I enjoyed in m 23rd Year
1. Living life to the fullest
2. God remaining my number 1 in all
3. Getting in touch with my feminine side more
4. Realizing that being single is not a curse but an opportunity to have more time with me .

P/S.. I wrote this a day after I turned 24, sometime in Late May


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