My Fabric, My choice

I refer to myself as an aspiring writer trying to get her groove. I hope that one day , maybe during my “nursing mother | days I will be able to write something substantial enough to attract an editor . In the mean time I rely on every day to day happenings for my inspiration. Sometimes its that thing that affects me directly or at times just a situation that I identify with so much. Today is no difference. My wardrobe.  I am on lesser side when it comes to fashion consciousness and never thought I could ever be inspired (or at least pissed) enough to write about anything I wear.

In the recent past I have discovered my little dare devil side when it comes to fashion. Am becoming more open to new ideas on how to dress my body. Am a size 10, a little of size 14 around the thigh area. This has always made be very conservative on my dressing. But with time am being open to mid-thigh shorts, above the knee skirts, tights and many more. I don’t know why I had to give this backgrounder but I guess its cause I am a little pissed off with the notion that every lady should dress with a male in mind. Bull shit! Crap! Stupid! I always dress for me. My mood or at least for the occasion. Maybe in the future for my children and my mum in law. Of course not my hubby because he would already have loved and taken in what he saw  

Why should a man who feels that her woman should never put on a trouser lament when another , who isn’t his put on one? If he is in an environment that you are meant to bump into each other more often, its class and intelligent to talk it through with you.  Why would the world glorify Tina Turners’ legs and rebuke a sister with a knee length skirt. Why would a lady in leafy suburbs be justified to walk around in hot pants while the lady of the same size form another “less” residential area be condemned by the same men for putting on the same. I used to feel embarrassed of some of the ladies dress codes and I still do, if its someone I call my mama. 

“you know that you will never get a hubby if you dress that way “!!!! Grrrr!! That’s the vaguest explanation I have ever heard. Here are a few questions to that man:

1.       Did I tell you that am in need of a hubby?

2.       Do you have the authority to know whether I will get a hubby or not

3.       How on earth do you know that my hubby has the same taste as yours?

4.       Have you given me your not less than $10,000 cheque to revamp my wardrobe and I turned it down (of course i would because my conscience is not pegged on any monetary value) ?

5.       How much are you being paid to be my fashion police?

Be it tubeless, thong or mothers union, a biker , laced petticoat or none, heels or flats, bra or none , trouser or skirt , dear man love your preference and shut up of your hate!!!! 


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