The Supposedly Ideal Man

It’s been a while since I got some inspiration to write. Feels good to be back in the zone, thanks to the hormones I guess. This being like my diary site, I have a confession to make. I am Sapiosexual, or 90% one. Yes, there you got it. I am in love with intelligence, brains, fast thinking, problem solving and at least above average mind. Long time I have loved sports, and at one point I was convinced that I might be one of those ladies who literally drool at biceps, well-toned thighs and compact abs. Not that they are bad, but that just lasts as long as my eyes are doing the feasting. Once turned aside, all vanishes.
There is just something about a man who knows what is happening at the stock exchange market. It stands out when a man knows that depending on the locomotive gadget; you can be doing Km/hr. or nm/hr. How awesome it is to see a man argues while using some IT jargon, or law terms. I would watch a man who sits up late into the night trying to figure out how to draw a U shaped kitchen for a very small kitchen, or one that spends endless hours looking at a picture of a backyard that needs a makeover then walks out of the house before I wake up to purchase the correct stone to be used. It intriguing to hear a man explaining what notes to hit when playing an acoustic guitar. It all boils down to a man who has some brains in the field he is good at, be it arts or sciences.
Its funny how at a tender age of around 8 I declared that I will never marry a man who doesn’t buy a newspaper. Little did I know what newspaper meant to me. And now I know that I want a man who reads. A man who treasures the value of a good book and can spend a fortune on one. A man who reads one magazine religiously ; be it motors, one on IT, medics, finances, property , just not play boy .
A man who is intelligent will crack jokes, is outgoing think most know when to pull a three piece suit, when to throw in a tuxedo and when to have those good pair of shorts. An intelligent man knows how to treat the average man with respect. Can fit across all categories of intelligent abilities.
The remaining 10% of the extras will go to a man who knows how to use a toothbrush well, and if not enough, a mouth freshener or gum. A man who respects women. A man who dreams, and wakes up not just to chase his dreams but to realize them. A man who values family. A man who knows not only to be a sperm donor but also a father. If he can’t keep it in his pants, a man who will respect his family enough to do it discreetly and use a condom (at least no pregnancy and infections) . A man who will fight for his woman; it’s a turn on to see your man get physical to protect you (at least for me) , of course not daily but once in a blue moon.
Just as he is the head of a house; a man should lead his house to put God first. My Sunday school teacher mentioned that. A dad who knows how to say a prayer is a hero. He knows that besides his wallet, muscles and advice, a house hold needs God to survive.
N/B:I have the audacity to share this on social media because number one rule is , until you put a ring on it , you a have no business to be a friend of mine on these streets . And if you were before we met, you will pretend that you don’t see anything I post.


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