Exits Stolen Mango, enters Savory Apple

If you read my blog , you are familiar with the details of “Is this stealing or taking ?” post . Apparently I have been doing my Apple, with total disregard to the Mango . I never realized that the mango season was over only when my apple stock ran out. Gotta look for a new fruit now . The hunt however is proving an uphill task, thanks to my allergies . All in all, i have to get myself one before the world cup starts. How else will I stay up late all nights without company once in a while huh? Le thirst of the palate .
I have come to realize that taking without consent is not same as stealing. i could have taken the mango anyway. Am not the only neighs so it would have been rather ambiguous to be attached head on by the farmer . Secondly , all I needed was to quench the craving of having that particular mango . Its not something I would keep feasting on for the rest of my life . Mangoes are juicy and probably another farm would have better one. In my quest to massage my wounded ego for not having the mango , I thought of berries , melons , pawpaws and many other fruits . However i came to realize am not good at buying either . I tend to love free stuff. I am not the girl who goes to the market to sample out . I tend to wait some one else to do the ground work , which I asses and depending on the finding , I have it, of course without their consent .
I tend to overlook all my definitions of the contents when getting the mangoes . The wild side of me allow devour , fill , wipe my mouth clean , pop up my legs and just like a lion, wait patiently for the next “food”. And just like the lioness , carcasses are not on my menu . the left overs can be helpful to some insects who love juice and can handle leftovers .
I can handle apples well too . Though I think I might have stumbled to a rare green apple ( my preference ) . It ain’t as juicy as my normal green apple, this is a little bit Savory .The funniest thing is that i have spent my entire first half of 2014 going through the logistics of getting it . I decided to go to the market myself and the promise from my grocery guy to get me one has been futile .So I have decided to plant . I have no idea how long it takes for an apple tree to mature and start bearing fruit but am so determined . I have self taught myself on how to nature this very delicate seedling into a plantation . I feel crazy that i have such strong cravings . This time round, I am not having any other alternate. Its either the appetizer mango , or replenishing Apple .
N/B: I may not be Maya , But the two fruit pieces need understanding of poetry to get it !!


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