Cherished Memories

I don’t know which between an anniversary and birthday has more memories. But for this year, it’s one particular birthday .On 17th May ought to have been my lil brothers’, Desmond Mulindi,  20th birthday. The first birthday as a non-teenager. We were all looking forward to this day. Normally it would be filled with laughter as we would have officially welcome the last born to team bamba 20, as we normally refer to it as a family . I would text him in the morning. As the day progressed, my mum would remind my sis and I that our dear lil bro is turning 20. I think My mum would send him some money, telling him to buy something nice to himself. My Siz would probably send him airtime and spend endless hours chatting. I still don’t know what I may have done but most likely, I would be heading for my leave. So I would buy him something, or take him out or maybe if leave would not go through I surely would have gotten a “proper way” to say happy birthday.
We would reminisce days when he was a toddler. How he would dress like a girl. And ohh! There was a time there was cholera break out. Our house help cooked omena. After eating, she told us that we would die of cholera,,, still can remember how Dessy cried begging her to take him to our family doc . He was probably 4 years then, looking back, I can’t help smile.
Am sure he would brag of how much of man he has grown into. He would jokingly demand that we address him as a man. He would remind us that he was only two years away from graduation (he was to complete 2nd year in April). He most likely would get a gift from his girlfriend. Together with his two friends, he would pick his girl, and go somewhere to talk, no far from her home. His friends would keep watch just in case her dad appeared (he never approved of the relationship).
I am imagining what he would wear that day. Most likely jeans, a t-shirt, “cap standing”, converse shoes. He would take some photos to keep memories of the day. He would break our curfew hour (8.00 pm) . Maybe he would come back home at 10.00 pm with the most guilty face ever. He would eat in silence while stealing glances at mum. When the timing was perfect, he would break the ice. And within no time, it would be laughter galore. Being one of the May babies, we would go to bed so happy,,, looking forward to another birthday ,only a week after his.
Since this will never happen, I am happy that I wrote this piece smiling. This means that I have so much to celebrate about my brothers’ life. The pain in inevitable but the memories will forever be engraved in our hearts and our minds


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