Is this stealing or taking ?

Often at times have we been caught in a situation that we wish it was just a dream. A situation where we wanted something that we knew wholly belonged to someone . we dint want to share it or rather the owner would never allow us to share it but since the urge was so much , we have to get it .

I have been in the shoe. There was this mango i wanted so badly , not that i was starving or it was the ripest mango or neither the juiciest but i just wanted to have it . For no particular reason but just to prove to my ego that i can have all that i want . This mango was not on the tallest tree, it was within my reach but the problem is that the owner knew that it existed and would know if  I dare pluck it . So what do i do ? My selfishness got better of me and i decided to have it no matter the consequence . I go ahead and lay possible ways to have the mango and still go un noticed by the owner. possible ways are

  • use a needle to siphon out the juice and let the fruit wither on the branch
  • pluck the mango and drop another on the ground to confuse the owner and make him think its his
  • help the owner harvest it then take it ans we moved along

the last option was the inevitable . Have the mango no matter the consequences and deny the farmer the satisfaction of the fate of the mango . being a rather considerate person , i decide to let the owner have benefit of doubt . the mango, I must have, but the owner MUST know the fate of his mango ( withered or harvested) . for this reason i choose the needle . Yes the needle used to prick your fleshy bum .

its a tedious and long process but since my eyes are focused on the prize, its worth the pain and enduring it is . when i go to the chemist to buy the needle , i lie that i got a patient who needs insulin shots and am out of needles and bingo! i get my plans underway . along the way i realize that there is no way i will extract the juice from the  mango using the needle , even if it were rotting . so what now ? My appetite and greed cant hold it anymore. i want the mango, and very fast . i decide to give myself time and lay down the strategy. One of the things i realized i had skipped was research. what type is the mango, how does it taste, from the kitchen  how i can in cooperate it in making my salads, or drinks and the nutritional benefit . so i decided it doesn’t harm to do both a background and a rain check .

finally armed with all the information i realized i had been a fool all along . despite the fact that the owner looks at the fruit everyday , he knows that he cant know how many fruits are on the mango tree. he also understands that some animals and birds feed on the same. at the end of the day he is sure that after the “little” losses , he always gets his portion o the harvest. riddle cracked !

this is what i did. i made sure that the owner was out of the vicinity , went into his territory , plucked that mango and disguised traces of my presence and went back to my home. I cut the mango into pieces and experimented with it as a slice of fruit, part of salad, as mango juice or in cocktail juice. i even flavored my milk shake with it . since we discover new recipes every day , as long as the mango tree lives , i foresee myself getting more mangoes and enjoy the new delicacies !

Dear mango, i don’t want to  have you stolen but thats the only way i can satisfy my greed as long as it last.. Till next time when i want to have my fruit cake and you as a component or your flesh as decoration on my desert, i will enjoy the apple, my favorite fruit .


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