Dating Weirds

its funny how i never want to talk about my dating life . i still don’t want to but watching zoe Hart in the series Hart of Dixie got me all inspired . And anyway , what is there to tell. i think i almost got nothing but eeh? wait . just remembered some tit bits . this is not the real relationship thing but had a few drama moments. i remember towards last year , my first and last worst date i had. i am a tea totaler and had had to hit the bar on my first date . we had the norms , some Nyama choma and managed to wash down with red bull. but during all this time i was really looking for a job so when a pal of him showed up with some prospects , i jumped into maximizing the opportunity rather than concentrate on my date . on leaving i hit the table accidentally and hell broke loose . broken bottles and glasses, messed up clothes and the attention from the rest of the customers . i literally dragged myself out on the 4 inch blocks i had worked so hard on learning to walk in . the rest is history and we never met again.

but my most relishing was one i was set up. we got to know each other while watching a rather boring epl match of the team i support, Chelsea and cant remember which other team . my spirits were quite on the lower end and my adrenaline was packed. then came the disaster part , a real date . in knowing each other i happened to mention that i do all sports except cricket and he thought was funny , and maybe a lie . So happens one day where the weekend is full of Football, tennis, formula one and rugby . between a date and watching the sports, your guess is right with what i chose. my sports come first , no excuse . thinking that i might be feigning , he decided to keep tabs through the alleged matchmaker , and he disappeared without trace until the day i was invited to his wedding .

then there is the romantic boy . trust me i never knew that if brought flowers, you need to smell them , look for a  vase and keep them somewhere safe for the longest . instead i started picking the petals right away . complained of how i had my teeth massacre because of sweets in reference to chocolate .

i sucked at it until the first day i tried putting on make up. thats was a revelation that being a woman is a responsibility . and being a lady, is a learning process and am definitely in class



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