2014 my Way

yeeeeaaayyy! its 2014 ! thanks be to God i am still alive . am so blessed to see the 24th 1st January in my life. 2013 was  a year i remember more for the good. its the first year i had a job for the entire year . way my first year to attend in the super bike trophy . was my first year to live entirely on my own . Was my first year i was single, at least since i left high school . Was my first year to ride in most of my dream cars and sample some of my must have have bikes . was my first year i bought myself some a gadget (yes, i suck at electronics, i own gifts) .  pretty to say, it was a year of many firsts.

as this year begins, I hope that it will be a greater one . i have many things i look forward to .However , i feel there are some that i will prioritize

  1. learn tithing faithfully. it is a challenge that i always fail at . but am gonna pray and hope for a breakthrough this year
  2. give , give, give. i want it to be year i bless souls .  especially with children
  3. Improve my relationship with God. i have realized that the deeper i connect with God, the more ability and strength i have to tackle life
  4. see my mama more . of the 365 days in 2013, i spent only 15 with her
  5. Change my wardrobe . 2013 was a year i realized that i could still rock my feminine side without eliminating my tomboy touch
  6. Ride and drive . no more excuse
  7. and lastly,,, go on a real holiday,,,,,and get a toe massage while looking into sunset ,

as i look at this list, i know that all is possible. with hard work, discipline , dedication and above all prayer, i will achieve . so help me God ,,,


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