RIP Mwasege (Ruth Ogara )

I have always wanted this platform to be a place where i express what i feel . my life, that kind of a Diary writing . unfortunately, i had to begin with this sad tale . 

last year , i lost two very young friends. in their mid twenties with a blossoming life, it was so sad to bid goodbye. this year looked fair until the alarming call to my house mate on 24/9/2013. was so engrossed in watching Single ladies for the umpteenth time when Lydia Ogara received a call at around 8.30 pm that her sisters had been attacked and she was required to get to the hospital where , as the caller put it, were receiving medical attention. but by the time we arrived at  Imara daima , we knew all was not well . Luckily , thanks to the almighty , the lil siz, Fina survived. too unfortunate , my friend Ruth Ogara could never wake up ever again. despite the torture that the beasts had done, she was still beautiful on her death bed. i wont say much about the heart breaking moments the family and friends went through but rather celebrate a bubbly life well lived. 

i will always remember her as a very fair, tall and warm lady, strong both physically and spiritually . i rem her outspokenness made me hesitate on knowing her initially . with time , through her sister, i cherish every moment i ever spent with her. 

i am not  a sucker of fine stuff or let me just say, there a re a lot of things from different cultures around the world i am taking time to appreciate ( except delicacies) . Ruth was one of a king. she loved all her stuff fine. from make up, clothes to household stuff . she fascinated me with the way she did her make up . i loved her big eyes , i always want a baby with big eyes because they make you see the passion in them in a a very intense way . 

all my other friends still remember  how she would lift us up when we visited her . she used to buy a lot of goods from other countries and sell to her friends at a relatively fairest price in the market . she would get pissed off at someone but only for a few minutes . 

i loved the way she would always put a smile on everyones face. the way she would imitate our Naija brothers , different Kenyan tribes. she would imitate each of her friend, even in their presence , and why lie, was very hilarious . she had a big heart to accommodate so many of us in equal measure . 

amongst the things i cherish in my closet, is Ghanaian made Ankara dresses, turquoise handbag and my purple purse  all from bangkok , courtesy of Ruth . Maybe today , third day from the day she was to travel , i would be an owner of beautiful shoes from London. she would make you feel special , appreciated and loved. She would tell general stories that would not make a new person uncomfortable. since she was tall , had some pure and very fair African skin , walking along the streets of Nairobi would make you appreciate the way she was down to earth,. she would  turn very many heads, get all sorts of comments and always found a way of making every side of it have a light touch .

You will be missed gal, By your sisters, Jacky, Lisa,Fina and Jenny. Your Dad Lucas and sweet mama Mellisa . Your bro Sam ,Niece Maningning. Family , friends , workmates and neighbors. 

perhaps this is my most non flowing piece of writing ever from me but i felt this was a way i could remember you in writing . i also pray that justice will be done and the beasts who saw it was best to cut short your blossoming life and will be brought to book . Above all , i pray that your soul will rest in eternal peace. we loved but the Lord loved you the most . May his name be gloried .